Pressekonferenz zur Unterzeichnung des Memorandum of Understanding mit SN

Im Rahmen der Unterzeichnung des Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) am 22. August fand in den Räumlichkeiten der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz in Berlin eine Pressekonferenz statt.

Anwesend waren Vertreter*innen beider Verhandlungsparteien, unter anderem Daniel Ropers (CEO), Dagmar Laging (Vice President Library Sales) und Frank Vrancken Peeters (CCO) für Springer Nature und Prof. Horst Hippler, Prof. Gerard Meijer und Dr. Frank Sander für DEAL und die MPDL Services GmbH.

Fotocredits: Springer Nature / Bettina Ausserhofer

Prof. Gerard Meijer, Frank Vrancken Peeters, Dagmar Laging, Prof. Horst Hippler, Dr. Frank Sander, Daniel Ropers (v.l.)

“This agreement boosts the shift of paradigm we are aiming for: shifting the costs from reading to publishing and thus making research accessible worldwide without any restrictions.
With this key change we are correcting a fundamental error in the way science publishing was set up so far: For researchers, publishing your results is an indispensable part of a research project, since you need to make your findings available to your scientific peers.
Therefore, the costs that come along with publishing have to be covered by the research budget.
It was wrong that so far each institution, even smaller universities that hardly do any research needed to have a library budget to read what others did and thus subsidise
the publication cost of their larger counterparts.”

Prof. Horst Hippler, Verhandlungsführer DEAL

Researchers do not publish to earn money – they publish for impact. They want to be read, to share their findings. So, while the subscription-based system served the purpose of publishers very well in the past, an open access based publishing system serves the scientific community much better – while leaving enough
opportunity for publishers to generate appropriate revenues.
The DEAL- agreement with Springer Nature balances these legitimate needs of both the scientific community and the publishers and is therefore a great step forward towards a sustainable framework
of scientific publishing.”

Prof. Gerard Meijer, Fritz-Haber-Institut (MPG) und Mitglied des Verhandlungsteams

Weitere Informationen zum MoU zwischen DEAL und Springer Nature finden Sie hier.

Die Pressemitteilung ist auf der Webseite der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz abrufbar.