Wiley Contract

The Wiley agreement, signed on 15 January 2019, is the first such contract concluded by Projekt DEAL.
Wiley is the third largest publisher of German research, in terms of the number of articles published annually by scholars and scientists affiliated with German institutions. Through this agreement, nearly 10,000 research articles by German authors will now be published immediately open access.

Key elements of the DEAL-Wiley-Agreement:

General information

Contracting parties:

John Wiley & Sons, Inc and MPDL Services gGmbH

Agreement period:

2019-2021, with optional renewal for 2022

Entitled institutions:

All German research institutions entitled to participate in the Alliance Licenses funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) are eligible to participate (universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, state and regional libraries).

Publication of the Agreement:

The full text of the DEAL-Wiley agreement, signed on January 15, 2019, can be accessed here:

Reading / Access

Journal access / included journals:

Participating institutions receive perpetual access to the entire portfolio of electronic journals published by Wiley, including full backfiles from 1997 forward. The portfolio, “Wiley Online Open” includes more than 1,600 journal titles. Perpetual access rights are granted for the licensed volumes and full backfiles from 1997 forward, filling gaps in previous DFG negotiated licenses for Wiley journals.

Journal title list:

The complete and continuously updated journal title list covered by the DEAL-Wiley agreement can be found here: https://keeper.mpdl.mpg.de/f/fed54cfc4e7f4c178137/?dl=1. Journals newly added to the Wiley portfolio during the contract period are automatically included in the agreement.

Deep discount pricing for print:

In principle, the DEAL-Wiley agreement has been negotiated on an e-only basis. The option of purchasing printed journals at a discounted price (“Deep Discount Price”) is only available to institutions that had such an option in their previous Wiley contract. In these cases, the previously fixed discount will remain unchanged, regardless of whether purchased directly with Wiley or through an agency. For all other institutions, no discounting is offered on print journals.

Open Access Publishing

CC license type:

CC-BY is the default license type, however, for some journals, only CC-BY-NC and CC-BY-NC-ND licenses are currently available. With some journals and to some extent, other CC license types can be selected individually by authors.

Eligible authors:

Submitting corresponding authors affiliated with eligible institutions may publish open access under the agreement in Wiley’s subscription and fully open access journals.

Article types:

Articles of the type “primary research article” and “review article” will be published open access. Editorial pieces such as letters or book reviews are not included.

Open access publishing in Wiley subscription journals (“Wiley Online Open”):

In currently 1,420 Wiley subscription journals (“Wiley Online Open”), articles by eligible authors will be published open access. A small number of subscription journals do not yet offer open access publishing, but will be transitioned into the OA publishing scheme of the agreement in the course of the contract period (~77 titles).

Publishing in gold open access journals:

In currently 110 Wiley open access journals, articles by eligible authors will be published open access.
A 20% discount on the APC list prices is granted for all Wiley open access journals.

Publish and Read Fee (PAR-Fee):

The fees for all services rendered in the agreement are associated at the article level. For ever article published in a subscription journal under the agreement, a PAR-fee has been set at 2,750 € and covers the costs of open access publishing services and, to a lesser degree, reading access in Wiley subscription journals (“Wiley Online Open”).
For clarity, the PAR-fee is not equivalent to a standard APC as it also comprises the cost of access for the Wiley hybrid journal portfolio.

Start date of the publishing component:

For the purposes of determining coverage, the date of reference is the date of the acceptance of the manuscript for publication (“acceptance date”). The start date for the publishing component of the DEAL-Wiley agreement was 22 January 2019, for Wiley gold open access journals, and 1 July 2019 for Wiley subscription journals.

Further arrangements of the agreement:

Project DEAL may store a backup copy of the contract contents in a dark archive. Furthermore, the parties have agreed to develop joint projects specifically to support and promote open access and open science within the framework of the contract, such as the establishment of an open access interdisciplinary journal to feature German research, a dedicated working group and/or joint symposia.

Cost structure of the agreement:

The costs of the Wiley-DEAL agreement are assessed in relation to the number of articles published annually by authors (“submitting corresponding authors”) from eligible German institutions.
For publications in Wiley’s subscription journals, the number of published articles will be multiplied by a PAR fee (“publish and read fee”). The PAR-fee has been set at 2,750 € and will remain stable for the term of the agreement.
In addition, the agreement also establishes a one-off payment for content in the journal archive not covered in previous agreements.

Further information can be found in the FAQ for participating institutions and the FAQ for authors.

Last update: June 09, 2020.