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Publication of the DEAL contract with Wiley:

The contract between DEAL and the publisher Wiley, signed on the 15th of January 2019 by Wiley and the MPDL Services GmbH (meanwhile MPDL Services gGmbH), is published here.

Negotiations with Wiley at a glance:

  • 04/20/16: Workshop with Wiley including discussions about possible DEAL-negotiations
  • 05/03/16: Decision by the project steering committee to start exploratory talks in 2017
  • 01/19/17: Exploratory Talks
  • 04/28/17: Start of negotiations
  • 09/22/17: HRK press release regarding the state of negotiations and the temporary arrangement for 2018
  • 01/15/19: HRK press release regarding the signing of a DEAL-Wiley contract

Signing ceremony and press conference:

Dr. Guido Herrmann, Managing Director of Wiley Germany (l.)
and Dr. Frank Sander, Executive Director of the MPDL Services GmbH after signing the contract.
Credit: Wiley/picture alliance/Tanja M. Marotzke
The delegations of Projekt DEAL and Wiley after signing the contract.
Credit: Wiley/picture alliance/Tanja M. Marotzke

At the press conference after the signing ceremony, journalists and interested people from science and politics were invited to ask questions about the freshly signed DEAL. Prof. Dr. Horst Hippler and Prof. Dr. Gerard Meijer took part as DEAL representatives as were Dr. Frank Sander for the MPDL Services GmbH and Judy Verses and Dr. Guido Herrmann for Wiley. Photo credits: Wiley/picture alliance/Tanja M. Marotzke

Credits: MPG

“We come actually from a situation where those communities that were very much in favour of Open Access were not the best friends of the bigger scientific publishers. And we needed time from both sides […] to understand each other.”

Prof. Dr. Gerard Meijer, DEAL Negotiation Team Member
Credits: MPG

“[…] What is for sure: Change will happen and the question is, if you are not creative and participating, you are out of business. The same is true for institutions, but the same is also true for publishers.”

Prof. Dr. Horst Hippler, DEAL Chief Negotiator
Credits: MPG

“With the changes in the market going on you basically have to choices: You can decide that you are going to get in the front seat and drive and lead it or you can be in the back seat and maybe not be comfortable with where it’s taking you.”

Judy Verses, Executive Vice-President Wiley

Keynote speeches and presentations of the contractual partners in the context of the APE Conference 2019 in Berlin can be found on the homepage of the APE Conference.

Additional information regarding the contract between DEAL and Wiley

Projekt DEAL and Wiley have agreed to publish the entire text of the contract at the end of a 30-day transition period on the website of DEAL (www.projekt-deal.de). This period will provide sufficient time for Wiley to meet the reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as to inform all relevant participants such as scientific societies publishing with Wiley as to the signing of the contract and the resulting workflows.

Due to this agreement, DEAL and Wiley have informed about the essentials of the contract, both by way of a press release and at the press conference on the 15th of January 2019 subsequent to the signing of the contract. Both parties have not yet announced or published any details of the contract due to the aforementioned reasons, though. The potential participating institutions have been appropriately informed, however.

However, it has come to our attention that reviews and judgements on details of the contract are taken in public (press, social media), without precise and extensive knowledge of the contractual details themselves.

All information as to text and central FAQ will be made transparently available on the website of DEAL in mid-February 2019, thereby allowing a profound assessment. Until that time, we would like to ask for patience and understanding in light of the described situation above.

In order to clarify and avoid misunderstandings, we have put together the most salient points of the DEAL-Wiley agreement below, being able to publish these prior to the 15th of February 2019:

  1. Permanent access to Wiley’s entire E-journal portfolio (“perpetual access”) for all participating institutions. This includes around 1.700 journals (both subscription journals and original Gold Open Access journals).
  2. Permanent access rights to the entire E-journal portfolio as far back as 1997 for all participating institutions.
  3. Publication of articles in Open Access for all submitting corresponding authors affiliated with a participating institution in Wiley journals (both in original Gold Open Access journals and in subscription journals), normally under a CC-BY license. We assume a volume of around 10,000 articles per year.
  4. Agreement on a fair and sustainable Publish&Read cost model. The total price will be calculated yearly from the agreed Publish&Read fee (PAR-fee) and the number of published articles (as described in 3). Hereby, both publications of articles (“publish”) in Open Access and reading access to the entire portfolio of subscription journals (“read”) is included for the period 2019-2021. There are no additional costs for the reading access. The PAR-fee is not to be mixed up with a Hybrid-APC (article processing charge).
  5. The cost of participation will be calculated individually for each participating institution based on the former licenses with Wiley and the respective volume of publication. There will be no additional costs for the individual researcher.
  6. In order to publish in a Gold Open Access journal of Wiley’s, a discount of 20% on the list price is granted. The billing of the APC will be managed centrally via the participating institution.