press review

September 2017

Nemški projekt DEAL in sklep Rektorske konference Republike Slovenije (13.09.2017)

German universities plan for life without Elsevier (in: Times Higher Education 05.09.2017)

Tyske forskere har fått nok – sier nei til verdens største forlag (in: forskerforum 03.09.2017)

German Academic and Research Institutions increasingly make Open Access their default option (in: Open Economics Blog 01.09.2017)


August 2017

Πως οι διαπραγματεύσεις για την ανοιχτή πρόσβαση στη Γερμανία θα μπορούσαν να αλλάξουν το μέλλον των ακαδημαϊκών δημοσιεύσεων (in: Scripta Πτερόεντα 30.08.2017)

Как Германия борется за «открытую науку» (in: XX2BEK 28.08.2017)

Project Deal: Germany’s Largest Scientific Organization Announces It Will Terminate Elsevier Contract at the End of 2017 (in: infoDOCKET 25.08.2017)

More German Universities Cancel Elsevier Contracts (in: Enago Academy 24.08.2017)

A bold open-access push in Germany could change the future of academic publishing (in: Science 23.08.2017)

Germany v. Elsevier: keeping on keeping on (in: Blog Gavia Libraria 14.08.2017)

RELX Group’s Elsevier fights open access in Germany (in: LexBlog 06.08.2017)

German universities take on Dutch publishing giant Elsevier (in: Chemistryworld 05.08.2017)

‘No deal’ between Germany and Elsevier: what would it mean? (in: Times Higher Education 03.08.2017)


July 2017

German universities to let Elsevier contracts lapse (in: Books+Publishing 26.07.2017)

Berlin Universities Accelerate the Transition to Open Access by Cancelling Toll-Access Contracts with Elsevier (in: Open Economics Blog 20.07.2017)

Major German Universities Cancel Elsevier Contracts (in: The Scientist 17.07.2017)

Berlin universities poised to cancel Elsevier contracts (in: Times Higher Education 11.07.2017)


March 2017

Open access campaigners toughen stance towards publishers (in: Times Higher Education 27.03.2017)

How Elsevier plans to sabotage Open Access (in: 25.03.2017)

German research organisations: Elsevier blocks negotiations on nationwide licences (HRK Press Release 24.03.2017)

German Universities ready to give up subscription to Elsevier (in: ZME Science 22.03.2017)

Influential Science German Universities Say No to Elsevier Journal Subscriptions (in: Scientifist 20.03.2017)

En tysk DEAL? (in: Bibliotekshorisonten 11.03.2017)


February 2017

Update IV: Why haven’t we already canceled all subscriptions? (in: 16.02.2017)

Elsevier Restores Journal Access to German Institutions (in: 15.02.2017)

Elsevier restores journal access for German researchers (in: Times Higher Education 15.02.2017)

Elsevier journals are back online at 60 German institutions that had lost access (in: Science 14.02.2017)

German scientists regain access to Elsevier journals (in: Nature 14.02.2017)

Germany vs Elsevier, and the race for legal open access (in: Research Practices and Tools 01.02.2017)


January 2017

Boycott of Elsevier Journals Brings New Ideas about Cost for Scientific Publications (in: 31.01.2017)

Elsevier, Germany… and Taiwan too (in: 20.01.2017)

Academic journals: boycotts, negotiations and allegation of abuse of market power (in: scinoptica 12.01.2017)

Scientists in Germany, Peru and Taiwan to lose access to Elsevier journals (in: Nature (541), 13)

Academia in 3 Nations Boycotts Elsevier for High Journal Prices (in: 06.01.2017)

Deal impasse severs Elsevier access for some German universities (in: Times Higher Education 06.01.2017)

German researchers start 2017 without Elsevier journals (in: Science 06.01.2017, Vol. 355, Issue 6320, pp. 17)

Access Denied: Thousands Of Researchers In Germany, Peru And Taiwan To Lose Access To Elsevier Journals (in: TechTimes 05.01.2017)


December 2016

Over 60 German institutions to lose access to Elsevier journals (in: editage insights 23.12.2016)

Seeking Open Access Deal, 60 German Academic Institutions Ditch All Subscriptions With Elsevier (in: 20.12.2016)

What now? Elsevier Deal rejected by Germany’s Project Deal (in: 16.12.2016)

No Deal: German Universities Prepare For Cut-Off From Elsevier Journals (in: 16.12.2016)

Germany-wide consortium of research libraries announce boycott of Elsevier journals over open access (in: 15.12.2016)